Joanna Stronach


Jo is a programme manager and supports hospital discharges for NCL Clinical Commissioning Group. Before this, she worked as an Adult Mental Health Commissioning manager and held a public health role examining population trends and behaviours. She’s also a mum to two boys, aged 12 and 17.

What are you looking forward to in your role as Trustee?

“I was a relatively young mum and was lucky enough to have family and friends to support me. But young mums with little or no support can often feel very isolated, which makes everything harder.

I’m looking forward to using my strategic experience to help Brandon Centre grow and help young people who, without our support, would feel isolated and alone.

I’m also keen to share my knowledge and understanding of trends within our communities to help us support the vulnerable young people that really need it, where they need it.

Brandon Centre is already doing so many things right, and I want to help showcase and shout about all the great work that’s being done.”

Trustee additional responsibilities:

Business Development & Fundraising Committee Trustee

People Committee Trustee