Brandon Centre is proud to offer free condoms, lubricant and sexual health advice to 13-24 year olds in the Camden borough, as part of the C-Card scheme!

*Disclaimer: Brandon Centre is no longer a sexual health service beyond our C-Card scheme provisions. For more information about where to go for sexual health support, see ‘where can I go if I need clinical sexual health support?’ at the end of this page.*

What is a C-Card?

The C-Card gives young people between 13 and 24 access to free condoms and confidential sexual health information, advice and services. After a simple registration process, you can access free condoms across a variety of London locations. Look out for the Come Correct logo in pharmacies and youth spaces or use this outlet search tool to find your closest C-Card distributer:

Find an outlet – Come Correct

What can I get with my C-Card?

In your first C-Card pack, you’ll receive a variety of condoms with lubricants to try out. You can then decide which of these works best for you, and we can tailor your pack accordingly in the future! The scheme can be accessed once per week, and you can get up to 12 condoms each visit.

How do I register?

If you’re a Camden resident, simply follow this link to register THERAPYAUDIT® ©2007 – 2023. You’ll then receive a C-Card number which will allow you to pick up your free condoms at any C-Card outlet. Personal information shared in the registration process is confidential, and your postcode and email will not be stored after registration. If you’d prefer to register in person with one of our staff members, you can drop in at Brandon Centre every Friday between 13:00 and 16:45 to register in a private and confidential space.

When can I come to collect my condoms?

Once you’re fully registered, you can drop in – no appointment necessary – any time during our working hours Monday to Friday to collect your free condom pack. If you are not yet registered, please see ‘How do I register’ for instructions.

Is it confidential?

The C-Card scheme is fully confidential, which means we won’t tell anyone about your visit and any records or information shared will be kept private. Only trained staff from outlets where you decide to use your card will be able to access your information.

If a staff member believed you or someone else might be in serious danger, we may decide to pass important information on to relevant services to support your safety. If this were the case, we would always talk to you first before taking any action. This safeguarding protocol applies to everyone, no matter what age they are.

What other sexual health support can I get from Brandon Centre?

When you come along to our building to collect your condoms, our friendly front of house staff are able to provide confidential, practical and judgement-free sexuality and relationships advice and information. As a counselling and psychotherapy centre, we don’t provide clinical sexual health services, but we will happily signpost you to any relevant services that match your needs, whether that’s pregnancy testing, STI support, contraception or beyond. If you do have any mental health and wellbeing concerns or needs, we’ll be happy to explore any services within Brandon Centre that might suit you.

Brandon Centre provides free health and wellbeing coaching to 12-25 year olds living in the Camden borough through our BWell programme; on Thursdays we offer drop in coaching taster sessions as a space for you to explore any emotional wellbeing needs in a private one-to-one coaching environment. For more information, see our Coaching and Wellbeing page here Coaching & Wellbeing | Brandon Centre (brandon-centre.org.uk).

Brandon Centre can also support you with a Wellbeing Link Worker to identify and access community services to improve your mental and/or physical wellbeing. For more information, see Social Prescribing | Brandon Centre (brandon-centre.org.uk).

*Where can I go if I need clinical sexual health support?

For all other sexual health support, please contact:

Brook Euston, 92-94 Chalton Street, NW1 1HJ on 0207 387 8700 (for under 25’s only)

Archway Centre, 681-689 Holloway Rd, Archway, London N19 5SG on 0203 317 5252 (all ages)