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Parenting with Love and Limits Programme

The Brandon Centre offers a parenting programme for parents and carers who are having difficulty controlling the behaviour of their teenage child (age 12-16). The programme offers practical guidance to parents who are trying to change and improve difficult teenage behaviour.

Many of the parents who attend our programme are finding their child’s behaviour at home difficult to manage, some are concerned about how their child is behaving at school and others are worried that their child is getting into trouble with the police.

Parenting with Love and Limits: A seven-step programme for difficult teenagers

A group of parents meets weekly for six two-hour sessions. Following the sessions devoted to the programme, two additional sessions are available for parents to help them to put into practice the lessons they learn from the group programme.

Sessions include:
• why teenagers misbehave;
• button-pushing and learning how to remain calm and in control when being provoked by a teenager;
• using contracts to set clear boundaries for a teenager’s behaviour;
• consequences to help stop extreme behaviour such as threats and acts of violence, truancy, and alcohol or drug abuse; and
• restoring love between parent and teenager while remaining strong and sticking to the rules.

An overview of our parenting service can be found in this infomation leaflet