Emma Saunders – International Women’s Day

Emma Saunders

Why is International Women’s Day important to you?

My Dad was my hero – he always taught me that I could achieve anything that I put my mind to, he encouraged me and by believing in me, he helped me to believe in, and value myself. He was also a very just man, believing in equity and respect for all and was a huge supporter of women’s rights and International Women’s Day.

Like my Dad, International Women’s Day is important to me because it provides an opportunity to celebrate girls and women and what they can, and have achieved. It is a day to recognise the difference that women and girls are making all over the world, as leaders in government and business and also in their local communities as we continue to strive for equity, respect and opportunity for all women.

How does your organisation support girls, young girls, and women in the community?

Brandon Centre has been supporting young people for over 50 years and we continue to put young people at the heart of everything we do. We provide a welcoming and safe space, at the heart of the community, for girls and young women to access sexual health and mental health services to meet their individual needs.

What do you think has been your impact last year supporting girls and young girls in Camden?

Our new Young Peoples Leadership Board was formed at the end of 2021, following the development and facilitation of engagement work with young people over the previous 12 months. The Board has provided a platform for young people to share their ideas and views about the work we do at Brandon Centre and to work with us to co-design and co-develop our services. It is also a space for young people to discuss issues that are affecting them locally and to influence the development of new services that can support girls and young women locally in Camden.

The members of the Board are currently all young women, who have been instrumental in the design of the Board, ensuring the voices of young women in Camden continue to be heard.