Love & Limits Parents’ Programme for parents of challenging teenagers

Brandon Centre parent training programme is for parents and carers facing challenging behaviour from their teenage child (age 12-16). The programme offers parents practical guidance in changing and improving challenging teenage behaviour.

Many of the parents who attend the programme are finding their child’s behaviour at home difficult to manage, some are concerned about how their child is behaving at school and others are worried that their child is getting into trouble with the police.

Parenting with Love & Limits is a seven-step programme for parents of challenging teenagers. A group of parents meet weekly for six two-hour sessions with an experienced practitioner trained and licensed in the programme.

Sessions cover:

  • why teenagers misbehave
  • button-pushing and learning how to remain calm and in control when being provoked by a teenager
  • using rules and behaviour contracts to set clear boundaries for teenage behaviour
  • using rewards and consequences to help stop extreme behaviour such as threats and acts of violence, truancy, and alcohol or drug abuse;
  • guidance and strategies for managing teenager’s use of mobile phones, laptops, PCs, Play Station etc
  • strategies to restore love and a positive relationship between parent and teenager while remaining strong and sticking to rules and boundaries.

An overview of the service can be found in this information leaflet

See our leaflet

Who is the programme for?

The parenting service is available to any parent or carer with a child aged 12-16 who is finding their child’s behaviour challenging to manage, no matter where they live, and it is free of charge.

When and where is the group held?

The group programmes take place at our Brandon Centre premises in Kentish Town. Our current 6 week programmes are currently on hold whilst we seek additional funding for the programmes. Please watch this space and contact us on the email link below if you would like to join our waiting list.

Who runs the parent group?

The group is facilitated by a practitioner who has been trained and is licensed to deliver Parenting with Love and Limits.

How do I join a parent group?

You can contact us by calling in at the Centre, by telephoning us on 020 7424 9935 (Mon-Wed) or 020 7267 4792 (Thur-Fri) or by emailing us at We will need to take a few details from you and then we will put you on our waiting list.

What if more help is needed than the Centre can provide?

Sometimes it might be necessary to refer you to another type of service in order to get the right type of help for you. We would always discuss this with you first and ask for your permission.