Sajida Aktar

Sajida Aktar joins us as Chair of our Young People’s Leadership Board (YPLB) and we’re very excited to have her support. Sajida is a local Camden resident and is busy studying Creative Writing and English Literature at the University of Westminster.

Hi Sajida. Why were you interested in becoming our YPLB Chair?

“I joined as Chair because I was interested in engaging with other young people in my community and supporting Brandon Centre in its provision of accessible mental health care and resources for young people.

I also grew up in Camden and still live here. I’m familiar with the issues for young people in my community, especially regarding care for their mental health and wellbeing.”

“I was introduced to Brandon Centre’s services when I was referred for therapy. It transformed my life for the better and I want to help make the same experience available to others.

What have you enjoyed so far, and what would you like to achieve in your role as Chair?

I’ve participated in focus groups about the service provided by therapists as well as sharing my own thoughts about the demystification of therapy in ethnic minority communities, the number of boys and men going to therapy, and the representation of race, class, and gender in this space.

I also joined Lita, Emma, and Julia in a bid for the Islington Young Grant Makers. It was an enlightening experience as I saw other young people in Islington making choices that will directly affect young people in their community.

It was initially intimidating, but I knew they would benefit from the Brandon Centre’s services greatly, and what better way to do that than to tell them how amazing it was for me?

We won the funding and I’m looking forward to more opportunities to fundraise and support the centre in the future.”

Thanks, Sajida. We’re delighted to have you on board!

Rosy Todd

I’m Rosy, and I joined Brandon Centre whilst studying architecture at university.

Working with Brandon Centre, I hope to help make health and wellbeing services more accessible to young Londoners and demystify the therapy process.

Whilst at Brandon Centre, I have been involved in various projects. Recently, I helped produce a short film about therapy at Brandon Centre. In this film, Brandon Centre staff answer questions young people may have before, during and after therapy.

Lilan Lemouchi

Young Ambassador and BWell Coach. I’m Lilan and, since teen-hood, I’ve had an unrelenting passion and care for all things sexual health. I’m specifically interested in LGBTQI+ youth advocacy and in exploring sexuality education through applied philosophy.

I often use creative arts methods to cultivate accessible and authentic dialogues about sexual health and relationships. In 2020-21 I worked with UCL to develop a collaborative zine-making platform for young people to engage with personal and unfiltered reflections on these topics (with the help of Brandon Centre!).

I’m now looking forward to continuing this line of work collaboratively within the Camden community.

Haven Pope

Hi, my name is Haven and I’m 22. Although I stopped working directly in sexual health in 2023, ensuring that young people continue to have access to positive and inclusive sexual and mental health services is still really important to me.

My main area of work is now in the leisure sector as I’m passionate about the continued betterment of the health and wellbeing of local communities.

I am proud of the changes that have been achieved so far to improve young people’s access to, and experience of, sexual health services, and I’m looking forward to future developments that will support young people no matter their age, background or needs.