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Who is the Parenting with Love and Limits Programme for?

Who is the parenting service for?

The parenting service is available to any parent or carer with a child aged 12-16 who is finding their child’s behaviour difficult to manage, no matter where they live, and it is free of charge.

When and where is the group held?

The group takes place at the Brandon Centre in Kentish Town. The next courses will begin inJanuary 2020 and parents can attend on either a Thursday evening (6:30-8:30pm) starting on 9th January 2020 or a Friday morning (10am-12pm) starting on 10th January 2020. Courses run for 6 weeks. 

Who runs the parent group?

The group is facilitated by practitioners who have been trained and are licensed to deliver Parenting with Love and Limits.