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Complaints Procedure

If you are unhappy about any aspect of the service you are invited to discuss your complaint with your doctor, nurse, therapist or psychologist.

If you are not satisfied with the response, or if the complaint is against your doctor, nurse, therapist or psychologist, you can ask the reception staff to speak to the CEO, or you can contact them directly by phone or letter. Their contact details are as follows:

Julia Brown
The Brandon Centre
26 Prince of Wales Road
London NW5 3LG
Telephone: 020 7267 4792

Anybody who makes a formal complaint will receive a written acknowledgement within 2 working days of their complaint being received, unless they state for reasons of confidentiality that they do not wish to be written to, or unless a full reply can be sent within 5 working days.

The CEO will make a full response within 20 working days of receiving the complaint. If there is a delay beyond this time because the investigation is still in progress, a letter will be sent explaining the delay. A full response will always be sent within 5 days of the conclusion being reached.

If someone has made a complaint, they will be kept informed in writing of the stages of the investigation and any action which results. If for reasons of confidentiality they have stated that they do not wish to be written to, they will be asked for an alternative means of contact.

The CEO will inform the Brandon Centre’s Council of Management of all complaints received and any action taken.


Brandon Centre Policies

If you would like to read a fuller copy of any of the policies that govern the work of the Brandon Centre, please ask one of our reception staff.