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Referral Criteria

Essential inclusion criteria:

• The young person is aged between eight to 16 years old.

• The young person is living at home or is in a long term foster care placement or a short term placement with an imminent plan to return the child home.

• The parent or carer has agreed to an initial assessment.

• The young person’s intellectual functioning is above 65.

• Behaviours to be addressed include at least one of the following; school refusal, regular absconding, violence, substance misuse, offending, defiant or severe oppositional behaviour or harmful sexual behaviour.

Also accepted:

• Children whose behaviour is putting them at risk of placement out of the family

home (such as into care, custody or hospital) or breakdown in foster placement.

• Children with ADHD and high functioning ASD displaying the above behaviours.

If harmful sexual behaviour is present, then the following essential criteria must also be met:

• Offence is no longer in the police or court system.

• Offence committed no longer than two years ago.

• There must be a victim (for example, watching child pornography would not meet this criterion).

• Parental or carer acceptance that a sexual offence has taken place (that is, no

absolute denial, although minimisation of the offence can be worked with).

To make a referral please call Stacey Miller, SIT Co-ordinaotor & referrals manager on 0207 424 9935 (Mon-Wed) or 0207 267 4792 (Thurs)