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What is Brandon Reach?

Brandon Reach is a service for young parents under twenty five who have had a child removed through special guardianship or adoption.

Brandon Reach:

  • is a Confidential and Independent service
  • is Flexible; and aim to work with young people in a way that best fits for them.
  • is an Outreach service; we will meet with you wherever you feel most comfortable 

We offer:

  • Individual therapy
  • Group work
  • Collective action
  • Supportive Counselling
  • Signposting and linking with other services

What people say about the service


“My point of view is heard and it means something” 

“What I liked about the service the most was that they reached out to you and came to your house and offered help” 

“My situation is negative but working with my therapist has been positive, 100 percent” 

“Here (with this service) I am in control”


Brandon Reach Exhibition

Please join us at this exhibition that our young parents have created. They hope to share their experiences and the ways they've moved forwards and managed, and we are holding this in collaboration with the Roundhouse. The exhibition involves an experiential section in the Hub, followed by a drinks reception and an opportunity to view further pieces of work created by the parents in the Clore room, with a presentation and Q&A with parents.

There will be two showings of the experiential section at 5.30pm and then at 6.15pm, so please select a ticket for the time that is most convenient for you. You are welcome to attend even if you are not able to stay for the presentation and Q&A which will start at 7.15pm.

Please click here for tickets.

Contact us

If you want us to contact you please leave your details or contact us on:

Contact Abbie  07479 934561 or Barbara 07479934561

Or contact the Brandon Centre and ask for Brandon Reach:

020 7267 1321