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Childhood Obesity Project - The Enhanced Healthy Living Service

Who is the Service for?

The service supports families who have children aged 5-17 years who have a BMI over the 91st centile (within the obese range). The child or young person must live in or attend a school in either the Camden or Islington borough.  

Who works in the Enhanced Healthy Living Service?

The Enhanced Healthy Living Service is a multi-disciplinary team (MDT) which includes a Consultant Paediatrician, Healthy Living Practitioners in Camden and Islington, A Clinical Psychologist and an Assistant Psychologist. 

What Support Does the Service Offer?

The Healthy Living Practitioners offer advice and guidance around diet, exercise and healthy lifestyle changes. The Clinical Psychologist and Assistant psychologist offer assessment and support to families and young people who have psycho-social factors that make it difficult to implement the advised healthy lifestyle changes or who have mental health concerns related to their weight. The Consultant Paediatrician offers consultation on the medical factors and risks of obesity. The Enhanced Healthy Living MDT works closely with other professionals and local services and offers appointments within clinics, homes and schools.      

How do I refer to the Enhanced service?

GPs, school nurses or healthy living nutritionists can refer to the services by sending an email to or calling The Brandon Centre on 0207267 4792