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Our vision, mission & principles

Our vision

Our vision is for young people to have access to effective support which helps them build on their strengths and achieve their goals.

The Brandon Centre will continue to meet the sexual and reproductive health care needs of young people and promote their emotional well being so that they can function independently and fulfil their potential, as we have for nearly 50 years.

Our mission is to provide services that are:

accessible: responsive to and shaped by young people

evidence based: we use knowledge of what works (the evidence base) and our experience (practice based evidence) to decide with young people the best way to help them

outcome focused: we help young people achieve the outcomes they want and use outcome measures and feedback from young people to find out whether we are meeting their goals

Our principles

We are dedicated to service provision

The needs, wishes and views of young people inform everything that we do

We work with partners to maximise the impact of our services on the lives of young people