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Parenting with Love and Limits Programme

The Brandon Centre's next parenting groups will commence in April. Sessions will begin on Thursday 16th April in the evening between 6.00pm-8.00pm and Friday 17th April in the morning between 10.00am-12.00pm. The courses run for 6 weeks. Self-referrals from parents are welcome.

For more information see our Parenting Work section or contact  

Founder of the Centre dies

It is with great sadness that we report the death of Dr Faith Spicer OBE, the founder of the Centre, who died on 23 December 2014. Faith founded the London Youth Advisory Centre in 1968, which was renamed Brandon Centre for Counselling and Psychotherapy for Young People in 1990.

She was pioneering and inspirational. Her vision embodied in the Centre's Memorandum of Association has stood the test of time. Peter Wilson, who succeeded her as director, and Geoffrey Baruch, the current director, with the backing of the Centre's Council of Management, have continued to follow the ethos she created: an accessible, confidential, professionally staffed service for 12 to 25 year olds with contraceptive, sexual health or mental health needs.

The Brandon Centre wins the Irish Youth Foundation Quality Award 2014

The Advisory Committee and the Board of Trustees of the Irish Youth Foundation decided to make this special award of excellence to the Brandon Centre in recognition of the excellent service the Centre has delivered to young Irish people in need over many years.

The award was presented to the director, Geoffrey Baruch, at a reception to celebrate the Irish Youth Foundation grant awards at the Embassy of Ireland on 8th December 2014.

Annual Report 2013-2014

Our latest annual report is here! Annual Report 2013-2014
For previous reports please visit the Audited Accounts and Annual Report section. 

Feedback Fete

The Brandon Centre was delighted to hear views from people using the service at this year's feedback fête. To view our ratings and comments please click here!

Counselling and Psychotherapy

At the Brandon Centre we welcome referrals and self referrals of young people who are 12 to 24 years old and live in Camden. For Counselling at the Drum we welcome referrals and self referrals of young people who are 16 to 21 years old and live in Islington. For more information about these services please visit the Counselling and Psychotherapy section.  

Economic Evaluation of MST based Brandon Centre trial

An online peer reviewed research article that evaluated whether Multisystemic therapy is more cost-effective than statutory interventions that are currently available for young offenders in England. has just been published. The paper is based on research using data from the Brandon Centre trial. This research was led by Maria Cary and her supervisor Sarah Byford from Centre for the Economics of Mental Health at the Institute of Psychiatry. Although the study has a number of limitations the results reported support the finding that MST+Youth Offending Team (YOT) services has scope for cost-savings when compared to YOT alone. 

Annual report for 2012-2013

View the Brandon Centre's Annual Report 2012-2013

Brandon Centre MST trial findings are published

A paper reporting the quantitative findings from the Centre's MST trial was published in the New Research section of the December issue of the Journal of the American Academy of Child & Adolescent Psychiatry (volume 50, number 12, Dec 2011, Pgs 1200-1235). In the same issue there was a favourable editorial on the research (pages 1208-1209). The trial tested the effectiveness of MST compared to usual youth offending team services.

New MST Initiative in Waltham Forest

The Brandon Centre sucessfully tendered for a new MST therapist to work in Waltham Forest on a programme helping families of young people involved in gangs. The new MST therapist will join the Centre's MST- Substance abuse (SA) team.


The Multisystemic Therapy for young people with problem sexual behaviour (MST-PSB) pilot became a randomised control trial from the beginning of January 2012. University College London is responsible for the evaluation over a period of three years. MST-PSB (Multisystemic therapy-problem sexual behaviour) is an adaptation of standard MST which has been successfully tested in the USA in tackling severe youth problem sexual behaviour. For more details see the Multisystemic therapy section of the website.

New Partnership with Action for Children

The Brandon Centre and Action for Children have formed a partnership aimed at supporting Action for Children in developing MST as a service offered to families requiring intensive support. Action for Children is the largest children's charity in England.

New MST Team

The Brandon Centre joined Haringey and Waltham Forest to apply for funding from the Department of Education to develop an evidence-based programme for children and young people on the edge of care or custody. The successful bid means that the Centre has recruited a third MST team. This is a four-year programme and will lead eventually to MST becoming a mainstream service within these local authorities.

Brandon Centre cited in the new mental health strategy

The Brandon Centre has been highlighted as an example of good practice in the government's new mental health strategy No health without mental health. On page 17 of the document it notes the different services that the Brandon Centre offers and emphaises how well the Centre engages young people, stating that the Brandon Centre "...has a good track record in terms of engaging with young people whom other services find hard to reach".

Brandon Centre is featured in two BBC Radio 4 programmes

The Brandon Centre was featured on BBC Radio 4's Women's Hour on Tuesday 11 January 2011. The programme ran a piece on MST in which Charles Wells (MST Supervisor at the Brandon Centre) was interviewed along with Cathy James  from the Department of Health and a mother from a family who had received MST. 

Later there was a longer programme on Radio 4 called 'Children who kill'. It covered a number of developments in youth justice, including an interview with Frances Done from the YJB and also a much longer piece on MST featuring the Centre's work. 

Brandon Centre commended in Sir Ian Kennedy's review of children's services in the NHS

In his report discussing mental health services for young people, Getting it right for children and young people, Sir Ian Kennedy describes the Brandon Centre as an outstanding example of a service based on self-referral (see page 32).

Multisystemic Therapy Substance Abuse

A grant from the Pilgrim Trust is supporting a small pilot of Multisystemic Therapy for young people misusing substances (MST-SA). MST-SA is an adaptation of MST Standard and involves the use of frequent drug testing and incentives to achieve the treatment  goal of the young person not using drugs. The pilot is being run in partnership with FWD, Camden's substance misuse service for young people.     

New family therapy service 

The Brandon Centre has started a family therapy service for 12 to 17 year-olds with a  substance misuse problem supported by a grant for three years from the J Paul Getty Foundation. The intervention is based on strategic family therapy. It lasts between 12 and 25 sessions and is delivered in the family home. For further information telephone Geoffrey Baruch on 020 7267 4792.

BBC online features Centre's MST trial

The experiences of a mother who received MST are discussed in Keeping my son out of trouble on the BBC's website.

Department of Health and National Mental Health Development Unit report initial MST trial findings

Department of Health

National Mental Health Development Unit

Guardian reports Brandon Centre initial MST trial findings

The Guardian  reports on the publication of the Brandon Centre's MST study in its article Ministers back pilot therapy programme for young offenders.

Brandon Centre’s work commended in Society Guardian

The Chief Executive of New Philanthropy Capital, an organisation that analyses charities’ performance, has praised the effectiveness of the Brandon Centre in providing evidence-based results for a recent Multisystemic Therapy trial. In his article Charities must prove their worth to big society, Martin Brookes highlights benefits for charities that are able to demonstrate the impact that they have in the community.

Society Guardian article quotes the work of the Brandon Centre

Martin Brookes chief executive of New Philanthropy Capital (NPC), an organisation that analyses charities’ performance, quoted the work of the Brandon Centre as an example of how to use evaluation to develop and improve a charity’s services. In an article entitled Charities must time find for reflection on how they are performing, he referred to how the Centre’s evaluation of its psychotherapy service led to the piloting of Multisystemic Therapy (MST) and eventually the roll out of MST by the Department of Health, Department of Children Schools and Families and the Youth Justice Board.

Counselling news

The Centre now offers Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) for young people. If you would like to find out about CBT go to the website of the Royal College of Psychiatrists.

New Philanthropy Capital recommends the Centre

New Philanthropy Capital (NPC) is a charity that maximises the impact of donors and charities. It does this through providing independent research, tools for charities and advice for donors. Its research guides donors on how best to support causes such as cancer, education and mental health. As well as highlighting the areas of greatest need, NPC identifies charities that could use donations to best effect. Heads up, NCP’s report on children and young people’s mental health, explores how charities are helping young people recover from mental health problems. The Brandon Centre is one of the charities that NPC highlights as a centre of excellence. Find out more on the New Philanthropy Capital website.

Multisystemic Therapy

The Centre has been funded by the Department of Health and the Youth Justice Board to participate in a three-year pilot of MST testing its effectiveness in treating problem sexual behavour among young offenders convicted of sexual offences.

Contraceptive and Sexual Health Service

Under the C-Card Scheme, we are now providing various types of condoms including Durex©. Come to our condom drop-in service and pick up plain, flavoured, mixed or pleasure packs.

We now provide urine STI (Sexually Transmitted Infection) testing for gonorrhea for young men as well as young women. If you would like to book an appointment to have a urine gonorrhea test, please contact the Centre on 020 7267 4792 or email

Via the Chlamydia Screening Programme, we also provide self-testing kits for Chlamydia (a sexually transmitted infection) for young people wanting to drop-in and test.

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