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What people say about the Brandon Centre

What people say about us

“I think the service is great, the nurses are very open and also give a lot of helpful advice. The service on the phone when you ring in for an appointment is also pleasant.”

“The best things are that they help you with anything, and give advice about sex.”

“[I like] the fact that I can get confidential advice about sexual health, free condoms and the pill. It makes it a lot easier to stay safe and be responsible.”

“The help I am receiving here is good and informative. I feel very comfortable coming to the Centre.”

“Every week I look forward to my session at the Brandon Centre, even though I never thought I could look forward to psychotherapy! I wish my sessions could be longer as time flies!”

“The people here are lovely. And if someone needs someone to talk to I would suggest the Brandon Centre to them.”

“It gave me confidence and hope.”

“It’s friendly, accessible and non-intimidating.”

“It was non-judgmental and I didn’t feel as though my parenting skills were being criticised.”

“The best thing about the help I am getting is the fact that I am allowed to talk about what I want, to a professional.”

“The help here is what I need, even if I do seem like I don’t want it. I know this process isn’t going to be easy but I know this is what I need.”

“It’s hard to actually receive help for my situation but it is good to talk to someone about my problems.”