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Our personnel

Council of Management

Danielle Mercey (Chair)
Richard Taffler (Honorary Treasurer)
Dolores Currie
Anna Higgitt
Yemi Oloyede
Brenda Sutherland
Olivia Tatton Brown
Basil Tyson
Denise Galpert
Lucie Morris


Geoffrey Baruch
Helen Montgomery (Lead Clinician)
Caroline Chan
Anita Reddy
Olivia Butterworth
Nurse Practitioners
Louie Pong
Silvia Belmondo
Nurse Prescriber
Miki Martin
Clinical Psychotherapists
Sally Barker
Rumman Hoque
Child and Adolescent Psychotherapists
Zora Goodland (Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychotherapist)
Zusanna Dufkova (in training)
Clinical Psychologists
Emma Silver (Consultant Clinical Psychologist and Lead Clinician for Psychotherapy Service)
Abbie Unwin
Aisling Bunting
Amber Morgan
Amy Schofield
Barbara Rishworth
Clare Drea
Gareth James
James Hanley
Pavlos Rossolymos
Tania Salvo
Charmaine Elliott (in training)  
Marc Tibber (in training)
Assistant Psychologist
Sara Lakin
Centre Manager 
Nathalie Ballard
Service Manager (Contraception and Sexual Health)
Chioma Onyekwuluje
C-Card Pharmacy & Contraception and Sexual Health Coordinator
Rebecca Keigh
Psychotherapy and Counselling Referrals Co-ordinator
Clare Hoddinott
Psychotherapy Referrals Assistant
Claire McCoy
Camden C-Card Co-ordinator
Lildonia Lawrence
Client Support Workers
Rhiannon Jones
Dominique Golden
Phoebe Tansley
Young Peoples' Workers
Giulia Vignali
Janine Goodin-Deer
Christine Tebagonderwa
Matt Waugh
Drum Administrator
Caroline Moore
Multisystemic Therapy (MST) Team
MST Supervisors
Moira Lamond
Christopher Newman
MST Therapists
Natasha Gold
Paulina Janus
Emily Callard
Carly MacDonald
MST Project Coordinator
Stacey Miller