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Our achievements


2012: The Brandon Centre is part of a Camden CAMHS partnership that becomes a new IAPT (Increased Access to Psychological Therapies) site promoted by the Department of Health.

2012: Two-part programme on Radio 4 about a 12-year-old cannabis user who was one of the first people in the UK to receive MST-CM. The programme followed the work of Amanda Singh, one of the Centre’s MST therapists, as she implements MST-CM.

2012: MST trial qualitative findings are published in the Journal of Family Psychology.

2011: MST trial quantitative findings are published in the Journal of the American Academy of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry.

2011: Third MST team commissioned as a result of a successful bid to the Department of Education in partnership with Haringey and Waltham Forest.

2011: Commissioned by Waltham Forest to provide MST for families of young people involved in gangs.

2011: Brandon Centre cited as an example of good practice in government’s new mental health strategy ‘No Health Without Mental Health’.

2011: Brandon Centre MST work featured in two Radio 4 programmes: Woman’s Hour and Children Who Kill.

2011: Commissioned to develop, manage and promote a new chlamydia screening pack and programme for young people who are using the drop in services and C-Card scheme at the Centre and at outreach sites.

2011: Commissioned to develop, coordinate and promote the C-Card Scheme for Camden (provision of free condoms, sexual health and condom use guidance for young people).

2010: Becomes only one of two organisations in the UK to pilot Multisystemic Therapy Contingency Management (MST-CM) for young substance misusers.